For Sale: Bear Collection and Pig Collection - $20

I have about 10 or so ceramic bears and pigs that I want to sell for 20.00 for each collection. The picture just has 2 of them in it. Please call 864 836-2298 to purchase.

For Sale: Wings of Texaco - $650

The True Texaco Airplane #1 Texaco #13 Travel Air Mystery Ship $125 1993 #1 1929 Lockheed Air Express $30 1994 #2 1932 Northrop Gamma $25 1995 #3 1931 Stearman Biplane $25 1997 #5 1930 Travel Air Model R "Mystery Ship" $30 1998 #6 1929 Curtiss Robin $25 1999 #7 1927 Ford Tri-motored Monoplane $25 1999 #7 Special Edition 1927 Ford Tri-Motor $30 2001 #9 1929 Spokane Sun-God Buhl CA-6 Sesquiplane $25 2002 #10 1930 Texaco Eaglet Glider $25 2002 #10 Gold Special Edition 1930 Texaco Eaglet Glider $225 2003 #11 "Gooney Bird" Douglas DC-3C $30 2003 #11 Special Edition #11 "Gooney Bird" Douglas DC-3C $30

For Sale: TIME MAGAZINES ( 86) 1960-2000. A1 condition. $24/all. - $24

TIME MAGAZINES ( 86) 1960-2000. A1 condition. $24/all. Call (864) 963-XXXX

For Sale: Mtg Magic The Gathering Serious Player Collection For Sale - $3800

Selling my entire competition tournament collection whole Many extras and lots of value Key cards includes Black Lotus Mox Pearl Libaray of Alexandria Dual Lands Sierra Angels and tons of good stuff Started around fourth edition all the way through Mirage homelands and some miscl after that Starter portal set original cd in box on-line game and extra promo stuff from a store like comics I had an interest in Also have extras from winning tournaments and trading up over three years of spending 150 a month was my budget as an art teacher Played with the Univ of Pgh and Carnegie Mellon group Worth considerably more if broken up Save me the time and trouble save yourself the expense of buying at on-line I know I m not going to play again so someone who will should grab it Let me know when you want to see the set 1st come 1st takes it all Also have 1 2 pallet on early to late 90 s comics Marvel Dark Horse Valiant and more Take all of them for 300 Showing the collection this Friday email a phone...

For Sale: OLD US COINS and OLD US Paper Money WANTED $$ We pay the - $

$$ OLD US COINS and OLD US Paper Money WANTED $$ We pay the most. David 787-XXXX.

For Sale: Lemon Cookie Jar - $25

Large Lemon Cookie Jar

For Sale: 1990 Topps Stadium Football Card Collection - $85

Complete 500 card album with an error card . Brett Favre rookie error card,with name mispelled, is 1 of the cards in the collection/album. Just that 1 card is worth $75.00.

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